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Military discounts

We're a place for anyone connected to the military who wants to find how to save money. Active, Veterans, Dependents and others are welcome.

Our community

We post helpful information, but our community is more than a 10% coupon. Join GruntRoll to stay up to date with companies who appreciate your sacrifice.

Veteran discounts

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Business Services

Military Verification

GruntRoll can perform instant military verification using our cost-effective Military Verification API. This service does not require your subjects to be previously enrolled in GruntRoll's network. Perhaps you're interesting in offering a military discount through your online retail outlet, or maybe you need to determine which subjects inside your existing personnel database are currently serving on Active Duty. Whatever your needs, GruntRoll can provide the most reliable identity verification solutions for your business.

Robust API

Our Application Programming Interface securely integrates with your web-connected software to provide verification for military dependents, Active Duty, and Veterans. Our software can determine eligibility for legal benefits, branch of service, and dates served. We can accommodate almost any preference of verification, whether you need to batch a high-volume database or verify a single status in real-time.

Military Discount Network

Who can use this website?

Everyone in the military community. It's a place to find ways you can save money from companies who support the military's daily sacrifices. We keep you updated on ways to save!

Do I need to sign in?

Yup. We know some people don't like it, but it's the only reliable way to prevent spam. Fortunately, signing into GruntRoll is super fast with popular social media accounts.

What kind of companies are listed?

Of course, the obvious ones like Home Depot, Lowe's or Sears. But there's a lot more you probably don't know about. With GruntRoll, we'll keep them up to date and save you money.

What stores give a military discount?

A lot! These are large, nationwide chains offering a military discount (typically with identification). You can find a list of these elsewhere, though usually they're spammy/outdated.

Military Discounts are our thing

GruntRoll is a website full of stores who offer military discounts tailored to your location. Just pick a store or set a location to see what stores around you are giving a military discount.

For business, too!

Companies who need to verify military status online can use our secure military verification API. Use of this API is not restricted to those validating status for the purpose of discounts.